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Trial Implications For Lance Armstrong

A date has been set for the case that has been made against Armstrong by his former teammate who has launched the complaint on behalf of US Postal Service.

The lawsuit is for a hundred million dollars after the initial action was not stopped in February earlier by the legal team that represents Lance Armstrong. The start of the trial would be November 6th and the venue would be Washington DC. The case has been brought on by Floyd Landis, who was his former teammate along with the US Justice Department. The accusations are that of defrauding the country’s government as they had funded the team and Armstrong, being unaware that Armstrong had taken performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong has, much to his credit, the noteworthy successes being able to master seven consecutive wins in Tour de France between the years 1999 and 2005.


Team Sky and Lance Armstrong in new reports, have come out to deny and wash their hands clean of any involvement in the use of secret motors in bicycles to cheat during races.

The television report made by CBS television said that Team Sky, the team which has produced four out of the past five champions of the Tour de France competition denied the use of such motors in their bicycles.

The possibility of motorized cheating in pro cycling was examined on the show “60 Minutes” where Greg LeMond, a three time winner of the Tour de France was present.

LeMond admitted that such cheating exists in the sports as not everyone can be good in a sporting event.

“I know the motor is still in the sport. There are always a few bad apples because it’s a lot of money,” LeMond said.

In the years 2013, 2015 and 2016, the Tour de France crown was won by Chris Froome, a Brit who was riding for the Team Sky. Due to his times in the difficult climbing stages, he was also named the King of the Mountains in 2015.


In a comprehensive interview on Irish Radio, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong waved off a question about the use of a motor in his bike.

When asked if he had used a motor in his bike at any point during his career to win the tour de France, Armstrong laughed off the question saying that when he was active, no one in the sport had knowledge that such bikes even existed.

In the tense interview, the former Texan cyclist went to great depths to talk about his time on the track, and commented on several topics from, Paul Kimmage to Greg Lemong and one of the most controversial issues; the use of motors.

Armstrong was asked if renowned doping doctor Michael Ferrari had ever offered him a motorize bike to give him an edge but the Texan replied in the negative. “Absolutely not,” he said.

Following that, he was asked if using a motor in a bike is something he would have considered during his career.

“Of course not,” he replied.

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