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Female Portuguese Cyclist To Participate In Indian Mountain Biking Race

Sonia Lopes from Portugal, only woman to win 500km Portugal bike race is participating in the 10th edition of Hero MTB Himalaya which is a cross country endurance race, the most prestigious and also the oldest mountain biking race in India is set to begin on 27th September this year.

According to Himachal Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA), this year’s competition is going to be tougher due to the route being an exciting one through the relatively lesser explored areas of the Himalayas. A few highlights of the race are going to be the climbing of Jalori pass and visit to the gateway of Great Himalayan National Park which has recently been included in UNESCO’s world heritage list.

About 100 bikers from India and abroad are participating in this race. Teams of Indian air force and Indian army are also going to take part in this competition.

Lopes is hopeful of doing well in the competition and inspire a lot of people in India especially women.

The cyclists will be pedaling a grueling 80-90 kilometres a day for 6 days, covering total 500 kilometres having a day for resting. They will ascend 2,000-2,500 metres per day. Their highest point would be the Jalori pass which is at 3,223 metres.

The race will be through Shimla, Narkanda, Ani, Jibbi, Ghadagushaini, Chatri, Luhri and back to Narkanda and finally end in Delhi.

Akhil Puri, general secretary of HASTPA has said in a statement that including women in this sport has been an objective of theirs for a long time and he regards it to be unfortunate that so few of Indian women have taken up this sport. He further added that Lopes’s presence will inspire a lot of young women to take up this sport.

Ashish Sood, an organizing member has said,” The route for the 10th year had to be special…”

To mark the success of the 10th edition, the prize money is made 10 lakhs which will be distributed over 16 categories.

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Cycle: The Best Way To Revive The Memory Of A Martyr

Ludhiana, August 14, 2014: Independence Day is to be celebrated by cyclists in Ludhiana. They have decided that they will be riding to the house of Kartar Singh Sarabha situated in Sarabha Village on Pokhwal Road. Their main target is to promote cycling and mobilize an anti-drug campaignin Feroz Gandhi Market Associationis supporting the ride.

The ride is to start at 5.30a.m near the statue of martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha in Feroz Gandhi market, as reported by Paramjit Sing Gill, president of Feroz Gandhi Market Association. The rallyists will have short stoppages near Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, LaltonVillage andShaheedKarnail Singh Nagar, while cycling towards the house of Kartar Singh Sarabha in Sarabha Village. The villagers there have organized a small function.

Ranjodh Singh, patron of Ludhiana Peddlers Club said that the rally is being organized to celebrate the life and actions of the young revolutionaries in the Gadhar movement. That is why the ride has been named ShaheedKartar Singh Sarabha Memorial Cycle Rally. This rally is a joint effort of Ludhiana Peddlers and Feroz Gandhi Market Association.

More than 100 cyclists will be performing on that day according to club president Devinder Singh Nagi. A poster dedicated to Kartar Singh will also be released on that day said an organizer Gurinder Pal Singh.

To make the youth sensitive about the contributions of the martyrs and the need to fight drug addiction, many students from numerous schools and colleges are participating in the rally.

The organizers hugely praised the column called “cycle of life” in Times Of India printed in Ludhiana. According to them, this column in the newspaper has created ripples of revolution in the minds of the people living in the city who were conservative of using cycles. Ranjodh Singh has even stated that the number of cyclists has increased in the city.

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Samsung Joins Hands With Trek Bicycles To Enhance Cycling Experience

Electronics giant Samsung has joined hands with Trek bicycles to take cycling experience for the everyday biker to an all new level with testing its products such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy S5 and Gear Portfolio on the US-based company’s various ranges of cycles.

The company said it was partnering with Trek bicycles to check how its electronic gadgets could improve the experience of cycling for riders of all levels – from elite bikers to weekenders to the day to day commuters. The electronic company said it has started testing few of its mobile products on the racing team of Trek Factory as the squad trains for some of the finest races in the world, like the Tour de France.

As a cyclist rides the bike, the team get to will observe their health statistics, racing modulation and speed using the gadgets being offered by Samsung. The team will also be able to communicate its strategies and selected routes using the gears by Samsung.

Samsung plans to use this information and then work on features focussed on cycling that could be added to its fleet of mobile devices. Younghee Lee, Samsung’s Global Marketing, Information Technology & Mobile Communications executive vice president said the company was focussed on incorporating significant features related to health into its smart phones as wellness and fitness were an extremely important part of people’s lives.

He said through Samsung’s partnership with Trek, it would better understand what a cyclist needs to improve his communication with mobile devices and also help athletes and their plans to be connected remain active in their day to day lives.

Samsung had hinted its probable partnership with Trek during the consumer electronics show in January this year. The electronics company was in a continuous look to boost features related fitness after its Galaxy Gear smart watch failed to woo customers.