Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Do a Wheelie on a Bike

Cycling Suggestions Movie Rating: two / five

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25 Responses to “Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Do a Wheelie on a Bike”

  1. Yiannis Mavri says:

    i do my best wheelies with the first gear.. 😛

  2. FAsportsgaming says:

    If know how to explain it then do it

  3. Carlo Mulder says:

    is that a bike hanging in the tree?

  4. a2234565 says:

    That makes no sense at all? did u even read his comment

  5. Vishal Kumar says:

    @murdo162 yeah absolutely man I have an ATB same just I have Firefox COLORADO

  6. hazzedsailing says:

    hes just trying to help u dick

  7. edgarboy10 says:

    he talks so much

  8. sk8teandjerk says:

    If you were a expert why cant you even wheelie for that long??, did you do something dirty for that job??!

  9. pieere enes says:

    i can wheelie 300 m 😀

  10. yahhsguns says:

    only thing u need to do is find ur balance point

  11. iUploadGamePlayOnJTV says:

    I can do this better than you on a 1 speed.

  12. N41J4 says:

    I don’t even need a wheelie tutorial to be better than you :l

  13. TheSpellemann says:

    if you give me the bike then i will help you with a better video

  14. jdoggkuhn says:

    callummccusker oh

  15. colallo says:

    yo men i als have a trek)i like it

  16. konstaman69 says:

    u can not do wheelie

  17. hauruckabc says:

    his wheelie is very nice hahahahahaaahhahaha

  18. tupfent says:


  19. fishermanfranky says:

    idiot village

  20. Ramin609 says:

    i hate it if someone tells me to wear a helmet and he doesnt even

  21. TheZohaib8 says:

    he can’t do without gear………

  22. TheZohaib8 says:

    he can’t do without gear………

  23. madsoglaurits says:


  24. jdoggkuhn says:

    star trek sucks ass

  25. tuntunkhanrocks says:

    why’s there always a bike in the tree behind him lol

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