CYCLING TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: How to breathe to burn more fat?

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25 Responses to “CYCLING TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: How to breathe to burn more fat?”

  1. Alexis Ventura says:

    That Paleo guy must be an epic cycling rider!

  2. Cossie Oskow says:

    +durianriders This is half the story. You need to get rid of the Co2 by
    fully exhaling and making your stomach as skinny as possible and then
    breathing in fully making your stomach fat. This can’t be done every breath
    so try and do it every 3rd breathe. ( Copyright Graham Obree ) 

  3. woknblues says:

    Mind blown. I always run around trying to be tight and trim. No wonder I am
    sucking wind in no time…

  4. Lucin Ka says:

    How ’bout suunto GPS watch. Is it any good ?

  5. 3malkow says:

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  6. sanjog maharjan says:

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  7. Louise Earley says:

    Breathing from the diaphragm, by pushing the stomach out with the in breath
    and filling both lungs with air. I can’t wait to try this when I start

  8. jon raj says:

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  9. Ann Thomas says:

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  10. Ann Thomas says:

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  11. Sabih Hasan says:

    What is fat gut? I don’t understand. Does it mean take a deep breath?

  12. sabbietoch says:

    does that only go for climbs? goes the same for swimming?

  13. bodolahman says:

    Stephano Porter, you need to learn about Buteyko breathing technic. Thats
    all every cyclist did in their tours. Its the same with Yoga breathing call
    something like “pranayam”. Hope this helps.

  14. Rain Man says:

    Loosen the hip muscles and you will naturally breath with your stomach..

  15. Stephano Porter says:

    can you make video with a tutorial on how to breath please.

  16. katta chami says:

    Have you ever heard of regular people shedding fat–and delighting in three
    full delicious meals at the same time? Just go and Google Fat Blast Formula
    to find out more.

  17. cdupright says:

    Im 270 lbs. Bought trek 1000, with drop downs. I find now that I’ve taken
    it out on tests, that the main weakness is in my arms and hands from trying
    to hold up my body even when on the top of the drop down handlebars. Im
    just fat. Too bad for me, because I really think if I wasn’t so achey
    holding myself up, that Id be more confortable and go farther than 3 or
    miles out. May try and install different handlebars. Don’t really know. BTW
    the bike is fit to me.

  18. MrNightcrawler1969 says:

    Breath into your stomach ideally try to breath into your groin, stomach
    then fill your lungs to gain maximum air intake.

  19. cubitsuper says:

    When you’re sprinting or climbing fast, focus on exhaling quickly. Don’t
    worry about inhaling, that comes naturally. Also, stomach in when you
    exhale, stomach out when you inhale, just like Tai Chi.

  20. BustersGonads says:

    Cool……permission to have a belly!!!!!!

  21. adrian mitchell says:

    you spent over 3 minutes telling us to have a fat gut but you dont explain
    how it works?

  22. Lucin Ka says:

    Specific question: Is is necessary to do weight lifting ( for legs) when
    biking? or is biking enough? Thanks.

  23. Stephen Bethell says:

    Good point, well made 🙂 I love the humour in these videos !

  24. Jared Fontaine says:

    I want more about breathing… I need to get more air…

  25. poolehart says:

    McDonalds here I come!