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Cycling Tips: What I Eat For Long 300K rides.

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8 thoughts on “Cycling Tips: What I Eat For Long 300K rides.”

  1. CTFUcycling says:

    What I Eat For Long 300K rides.

  2. Pa Doheny says:

    Hi durianrider im not a vegan but the results you get from your hi carb
    diet cant be argued with i have a few questions for you 1 how does all the
    acids that are in the fruits affect your teeth 2 where do you stand on easy
    peeler oranges that are ship bought 3 protein supplements gels ect would
    you reccomend cutting them from my training regime and finally i have to
    drink a lot of milk because i have a calcium deficiency but i hate the
    tablets would you reccomend adding berries and fruits to my milk and
    liquidising the lot? Thanks youre an inspiration man keep up the good work
    from Ireland 😀 

  3. Tory Smith says:

    I’d shit if I saw someone cycling around with a mattress. 

  4. Aubrey Johnson says:

    I love that brand of cereal

  5. mike p says:

    D/R You use any anti chafing creme on long rides ?

  6. Adam Anderson says:

    Good grief you have a very low heart rate

  7. tonestreats says:

    nice ride

  8. Ronnie Eriksson says:

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