Running & Cycling tips for weight loss? What is the best speed or pace though? – Cycling Advice

Running & Cycling tips for weight loss? What is the best speed or pace though?

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25 thoughts on “Running & Cycling tips for weight loss? What is the best speed or pace though?”

  1. heatfanforever3 says:

    Durian riders the shyt bitchhhh!!!!!!!!

  2. massivejester says:

    Love your vids harley! 😀 I have just one question about carbs and water
    tho. When i tried eating a lot of fruit it of course went down very well
    and in insane amounts, mostly bananas and dates. But i noticed a BOOM in
    weightgain, not fatgain from what i could see so it had to be water right?
    Even my morningweight was a lot higher. Do carbs, at least those from
    fruit, retain some water? Peace

  3. HitchHikersBlues says:

    So how did ya get on, did you do it ?

  4. Kill Jin says:

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    “PAFF Fat Furnace”. You are bound to achieve the appearance you should have.

  5. Rex Rexerest says:

    All Right!!

  6. Petur Kiss says:

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  7. binaya soti says:

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  8. mc2gregory says:

    I love your answer, and it is so true.

  9. TourdeFrance20131 says:

    if you want weight loss you need to train at a certain heartrate so you
    need to buy a heartbeat monitor watch or whatever you call that thing.

  10. kelhado says:

    I knew you would say that. Truth…

  11. Raman Pathak says:

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  12. fruitmakesucute says:

    I might start biking to work. I’m only 5 miles away. I don’t know what I’m
    waiting for. The gas prices are going up here, too. Even more reason to
    just flippin do it.

  13. TheLittleNibbler says:

    I hit this speed today! As soon as I put my foot on the pedal! Doing
    mycommute home from work and smashed the big hill better than I have all
    week, with a huge grin on my face!

  14. Zhalfrin says:

    How do you learn how to strike midfoot? And what do you think of the 100 UP
    exercise made popular by Christopher Mcdougal? Thanks Harley.

  15. Konstantin Kesper says:

    great idea and TRUE

  16. Yura Tashev says:

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  17. bincepilot says:

    Glad to see the old intro back. I used to use 28km/h on long rides to burn
    fat. But I think your recommendation is better. Thank you for all the
    bullshit free info over the years.

  18. scalothis says:

    Perfect answer Harley : )

  19. Raw VeganAdventurer says:

    why do you want to loose weigth you are already slim

  20. missjones873 says:

    Ok so I’m 5’11 and 150 pounds. I run everyday for 5 km (takes me about 27
    mins) and that is working fantastic for me. Should I switch to cycling even
    though what I’m already doing is working?

  21. john sth says:

    Have you experienced Slim Body Maximizer? (Google it) It is a quick way for
    you to burn off fat fast.

  22. cht jagadesh says:

    hai my weight is 80 kgs and im trying to loose 10 kgs in 30 days ,i have
    started cycling and i do it at 7:00 AM every day for an hour .can any one
    tell me weither my workout is fine or do i need to do any thing extra to
    reach my goal ,because school is going to open the next month

  23. Winston Zoey says:

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  24. ♠Ripley♠ says:

    When I’m running and passing others is what makes me happy but that’s when
    i’m going top speed. It’s funny because i’ll be running or doing a boxers
    jog at first and have all these people pass me but after my warm up I pass
    em and they’re like “wtf”. That’s one of the best feelings.

  25. ljupce donev says:

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    easily with Fat Blast Blueprint (check it out on Google).

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