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Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Rusty Bicycle Chain

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25 thoughts on “Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Rusty Bicycle Chain”

  1. josh garrett says:

    They should have titled it “how to clean and lube and bike chain”. 

  2. IuliCata Iulian says:

    What about when it’s rust on paint ?

  3. UberBrostep says:

    you just have to screw around with it, if its rusted together you’re pretty
    much screwed.

  4. PunchingMegaTree says:

    When you take it off, it knots and its a bitch.

  5. spitgalore says:

    Is this “white spirit” the same as “rubbing alcohol”? I’ve used a citrus
    degreaser for my chain & only removed 1/2 the gunk, after 5 days of
    soaking, thanks.

  6. turtlefromthenorth says:

    No, it’s not rubbing alcohol, it more like paint solvent, the kind you
    clean paint brushes with. It’s cheap and thin enough to dissolve most stuck
    on dirt, not as expensive as bathing the hole chain in CRC 5-56 or WD-40.
    These two oils will clean just about everything off the chain, including
    rust, but cost more. Citrus cleaner will get off oil and dirt but not rust.

  7. buggatii12 says:

    wtf im looking for a video that shows u how to get a knot out of my bike
    does anyone have one????

  8. 10OzGlove says:

    Thank you for the compliment!

  9. MirceaD28 says:

    I take the chain of put it in a can full of petrol, let it one day and then
    i use transmission oil. work’s perfect.

  10. Dasher2k6 says:

    my chain is fully brown and rock like, completely solid

  11. fenome16 says:

    If your bike chain has a knot there should be a link that comes off and fix
    the knot and put it back on

  12. tjj0411 says:

    This isn’t a rusty chain!

  13. STELIO KONTOS says:

    BELLEND! there is NO rust on that chain whatsoever, it would not be that
    quick is that chain were a little rusty! – ur chain is not rusty at all –
    no need to fix sound like its running smooth dont get me wrong ur videos a
    of a great help but not this one! if u could reupload with a bike that does
    have a rusty chain then u really would be helping allot of people

  14. Wantthosedaysback says:

    nice klunker .

  15. ProPaleo says:

    Funny you use a biodegradable product first than an extremely toxic product
    last. Don’t let you skin come in contact with the teflon or you could likey
    experience neuro toxicity.

  16. boabie says:

    shouldn’t you be cleaning/rinsing the degreaser off before applying fresh
    lube? i thought degreaser killed the lube too.

  17. Deputy276 says:

    That chain looks brand new. Title of video should be “How to maintain a NEW

  18. Proxlime says:

    get a new one

  19. Dasher2k6 says:

    @tjj0411 they havent seen rusty till they seen my bike chains

  20. turtlefromthenorth says:

    Good advice. I restore old bicycled and in very bad cases they have to soak
    in white spirit for a few days. After that all parts should be loose and
    moving again. Then further cleaned with a brush, rag and citrus cleaner.
    Use warm water if necessary. The chain should then be clean enough and
    penetrating oils like CRC 5-56 and WD40 will lubricate and loosen remains
    of rust. After that you can use a slightly thicker bicycle oil that doesn’t
    dry as easily.

  21. OnyxDr4g0n says:

    @buggatii12 How the fk do u get a not in ur bike chain o-o

  22. Yiannis Philippou says:

    this videos only for minor rust and surface rust, when its that bad you
    need to replace it i think :/

  23. ugkcdrock says:

    my chain won’t move it’s so rusty, how do i fix that?

  24. buggatii12 says:

    @OnyxDr4g0n i really dont know:L

  25. Oliver Castle says:

    First of all, that chain is not rusty in the slightest! You cant
    “de-grease” rust, you would need a wire brush or something! Buy a new
    fucking chain!!!

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