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Cycling Tips – The Truth About Cycling Shoes

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  1. Jonathan Nellis says:

    Same. At first I only used them on a bicycle path where I never needed to
    stop. I could practice unclipping but if I failed I could just keep riding.
    Never would need to stop unexpectedly. I have never fell over. I have come
    close a few times. Funny enough those times were mostly when I wasn’t
    riding and had one foot on the ground but somehow managed to start falling
    the direction of the foot that was still clipped in. Managed to get my
    other foot unclipped in time to avoid falling over.

  2. Lucy Bowden says:

    Hello! Do you take groups training for triathlons, ironman out on rides in
    the hills!?

  3. Sam Evans says:

    Cheaper at Cycling Express . com guys 🙂

  4. dudelivestrong says:

    I keep coming across this guy so I have no other chose than to sub.

  5. Liz Marie says:

    Been thinking of getting better pedals and shoes for my road bike. Are
    these shoes made of leather? Looking for good shoes made of non-animal

  6. Tszeecous says:

    Thanks. Been wondering about those fancy pedal shoes for years. Maybe it’s
    time to trade in my toe cages and stop falling over at every stop.

  7. Adam Bruss says:

    Never crashed. Just tipped over to the side at an intersection once.

  8. Jeremy Bell says:

    I remember falling down at intersections. No big deal. Pretty much
    everything you learn at first has to come with a period of embarrassment.

  9. VegetarianHippieSurfer says:


  10. DigitalAwareness says:

    Hmm interesting.. Shimano is tops when it comes to quality products and
    great service. If you are ever in South Africa hit me up and Ill show some
    of the amazing trails we have out here. Cheers buddy.

  11. Robert Pettitt says:

    I have both types, what about the float you get with road cleats? Helps my
    knee problems. Love the vids btw, started on the 811 coz of you 😀

  12. Sensei Nyziko says:

    I bought a pair of road shoes with my first bike, they told me in the bike
    shop that thhey are better on the long run, if im going to ride or train
    for more than 1-3 hours i should have road clips, its more comfortable for
    the feet they said. What are your thoughts about this? Just to sell or do
    ey have a point? I think they are pretty comfortable and stable, but i
    still can get pain under my feet where the pedal is. Many thanks

  13. sushi77 says:

    i still “crash” once a year, falling is a part of cycling.

  14. bincepilot says:

    Sorry, I meant thongs, not things!

  15. bincepilot says:

    Things on your shoes!!?? You crack me up. Can’t knock your practicality!
    What’s next? Some foam strapped to your back for when you want a lie
    down?!! Can’t get enough of your vids , keep em coming.

  16. Vegan_Vincent says:

    where can I buy your shirt?

  17. Becky C says:

    What do you recommend mileage wise for starters?

  18. durianriders says:

    100% synthetic.

  19. Jamie Vesely says:

    Almost the same set up I have! The shoes are very comfortable! 🙂

  20. Pushups Are Bananas says:

    thanks man!

  21. durianriders says:

    Ive used both the xtr 970 and 980 as my exclusive pedals on my training and
    racing bikes. Ive a pair of 520 on my commuter and have found the bearings
    have worn down quicker with less miles though. XTR have a good warranty and
    one time my pedal got sloppy I sent it back to shimano and they serviced it
    for free. Another time they just sent out a new pair of pedals. The 520
    pedal is a great value pedal though. I also recommend it if people are on
    an extra tight budget.

  22. Nick A says:

    Shoes with recessed cleats are fine if you want to walk any distance but
    those of us who want go out on our bikes to cycle and not walk (there’s a
    novelty) – road pedals are superior to the MTB pedals. You get better
    purchase and power through the pedal, you get a firmer hold and generally
    the set up is lighter. If you get Speedplays you get ‘float’ – that allows
    your feet, knees to fall naturally into position instead of being fixed and
    you can clip in from both sides.

  23. Captain Kirk says:

    shimano A520 road pedals with a pair of entry level shimano spd mountain
    bike shoes will do the job.

  24. Captain Kirk says:

    spot on review, dont buy road shoes and walk around like a pregnant duck
    with plastic cleats that need replacing every 5 mins, buy mtb shoes,
    shimano shoes are good because they are nice and wide, you can get one
    sided pedals that look like road pedals but clip in the same as mtb pedals,
    shimano make them for around 25 pounds.

  25. exsxpx1 says:

    get some touring pedals, with a platform on one side.

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