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Armstrong Seeks Apology From Chris Froome & Sir Wiggins

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Lance Armstrong has sought apology from Chris Froome & Sir Wiggins for putting the Tour France champs through disgraceful doping questions. The disgraced American cyclist remarked that he actually “felt bad” given that Froome & Wiggins were kind of forced to sit through incessant questions regarding their 2013 & 2012 successes.

In one of his latest interview sessions with BBC, Lance stated that he felt really bad for Sir Bradley, who triumphed the 2012 Tour France, just prior to USDA’s exhaustive report highlighting Armstrong’s doping issues.

“I am really sorry & I do agree that given the very timing of the incidents, I am the who is responsible”, Armstrong was quoted in his BBC interview. USADA’s decision (reasoned) came out just after 2012 Tour France and hence it’s natural to have several questions in 2013- the very year where Chris Froome stunned everybody with his exceptional performance. (more…)

Archibald Breaking Mould In 2016 Olympic Quest

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The very perception that Brit Cycling has its production chain of cyclists with preordained success is all set to change now- courtesy cycling champ Katie Archibald.

“The talent squad & Olympic Development Programme implies that you have grow up within a certain system where one realizes that top scorers are getting through what you are doing”, remarked the young lady cycling star. “I wasn’t ever involved in anything like this. I was born & brought up right there in Scotland & not here in Manchester.”

It’s tad more than couple of years since the Scottish champ watched 2012 London hosted Olympics from her place at Milngavie before venturing to Brit Junior Championships in Manchester Velodrome- where she triumphed at individual pursuit. (more…)