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Trial Implications For Lance Armstrong

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A date has been set for the case that has been made against Armstrong by his former teammate who has launched the complaint on behalf of US Postal Service.

The lawsuit is for a hundred million dollars after the initial action was not stopped in February earlier by the legal team that represents Lance Armstrong. The start of the trial would be November 6th and the venue would be Washington DC. The case has been brought on by Floyd Landis, who was his former teammate along with the US Justice Department. The accusations are that of defrauding the country’s government as they had funded the team and Armstrong, being unaware that Armstrong had taken performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong has, much to his credit, the noteworthy successes being able to master seven consecutive wins in Tour de France between the years 1999 and 2005.

When he was accused of doping he was stripped of these honors as well as banned for life to take part in professional cycling from the year 2012. The lawyers representing Armstrong would be basing their case on the fact that the US government and Postal Service gained much more than what they invested in Armstrong and the team.

It is indeed a sad case of a fallen hero. However, the fact that this professional cyclist did overcome cancer and come back to cycling should not be forgotten, a reason for which Livestrong foundation was formed for cancer survivors. This foundation will definitely be affected in their funding as well as Lance’s personal life being in economic ruin if the decision goes against him. It is more of a case of him, letting his fans down on all instances of denying doping accusations before and letting his country to be proud of his wins on the grounds of hard work alone which was actually not the case.